Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Speedster Work Begins Again

Well, I pretty near did it! I promised myself I would not work on the Porsche kit until the basement was done this winter... You've read of a few other diversions here, plus the fact I installed a complete FI system on the Westy recently. But the real fun has been getting back into the Speedster.

I converted the list of hardware from the CMC instruction manual into metric sizes and sourced all the nuts, bolts, and washers from Brafasco. Total cost was about $120 for a whole box of stuff, individually bagged by size.

Next I lifted the body back off the pan and set it on saw horses. From that point it was fairly easy to install the hood hinge supports and the hood hinges. Since the latch was already installed by the PO, I now have a working hood!

I also removed the roll bar and sent it out for chrome. I found a shop in Scarborough and made a deal. I'll report the price and quality later, right now the ball (and the bar) is in their court.

With the pan out in the open again, it was an easy task to install the new exhaust and J-Tubes. I wasn't happy with the J-Tube for the drivers side. It seemed a little askew and needed some persuasion to fit, but given the distance between me and the supplier, I just made it fit rather than send it back.

In our parts stash we have a complete set of VDO Royale series gauges. I drew out the gauge locations, then cut the dash and installed them for fit, as well as installing temporarily the rubber eyebrow over the gauges. In the end I decided the oil temp was the least important gauge, and we eliminated it because we were running out of space. It was also important to me to have idiot lights for the generator and oil pressure, despite having the gauges, so I installed 1/2" surface mount lights for these warning lights, as well as those for the signal lights and high beams. I also found a great deal on a Sony AM/FM/CD and installed that in the dash as well. Here are some images:

On Monday night I got the passenger side roll bar support installed, with some minor modification, and need to do the same on the drivers side next. This gives the roll bar something to bolt to on the rear connection. The front bolts right into the frame members.

I also dissassembled the carb from the engine and am working on rebuilding it. We're going to run the engine for a bit before we put the body on the car - it's much easier to work on while it's fully out in the open.

Before I mate the body to the pan I also want to finish up some work on the pedal cluster, and pre-drill the front body support for easy installation. I think I can have the body on the pan, ready for bolting, by the end of the week.