Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bob's Bug - The Prep Continues

Well, the not-so-fun job of prepping the car continues... This weekend I finished all the welding, continued the sanding, and started the body-fill work. As you can see I've added a dessicant air dryer to my compressor set-up for painting. I also located some appropriate switches for the new dash and prepped the dash for the four SPST switches and two momentary buttons.
I must say, the bare metal prep looks very good. It is a bit of a chore prepping the painted sections and feathering them into the bare metal.
More prep and painting to come this week.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bob's Bug - Overdue Status Report

You know what they say, "never complain, never explain..." Well, suffice it to say I have no explanation but it's been a long time since I've posted on the blog. Time for an update!

Late in the spring Bob took his bug out of storage. It started right up. He took some time to clean it out, insured it with the Silver Wheels Plan, then relinquished control to me.

I towed it home and began the process of finishing the restoration. Here's a listing of what's been done so far:

-auto-stick shift rod and modified bushing replaced with original german correct (manual) parts, rudimentary adjustment made with great improvements to shifting
-metal clutch tube shortened, bowden tube replaced and adjusted to eliminate shuddering
-rear suspension lowered one inner spline, dropping rear of car about 1.5" to match front ride height. Some springplate bolts broke requiring drilling, tapping, etc.
-dash cut to accept modern radio
-all welding completed including: elmination of all holes in dash, elimination of rear heat holes, elimination of speaker holes, elmination of gas heater holes, etc.
-majority of rough grinding completed, some left
-roof of car stripped to bare metal using angle grinder and sanding attachments. Lots of filler in this area
-hammer and dolly work done to match fenders to rear apron
-sandblasting started today - rear fenders, rear apron, partial quarter panels completed at this time... More to follow!

Here are some pictures of the sandblasting process: