Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Good, The Better, and the Not-Ugly-Anymore...

After the Uh-oh post I changed the oil on the bus a few times, looking for any more traces of the internal engine damage. None were found. That's the good.

I was motivated to have a back-up-plan on tap and thus picked up a zero mile 2L rebuild which I plan on cleaning up and finessing so it's a perfect turn-key bolt in replacement. That's the better.

The Not-Ugly-Anymore refers to the bus, which I worked on over the last weeks without taking pictures. The work included proper bare-metal patching and repairing to both front doglegs and behind the driver's rear wheel, blend painting of these areas with our touch up paint gun, and a hand-touch-up of the nose area.

I also installed a small Midland CB radio and a gutter mount antenna....

Oh, and I adjusted the valves.

Oh, and I changed the plugs.

So (hopefully) ends the work on the bus for 2007... Except I changed the oil again today, and the filter. Oh, and the rear brakes need adjusting before the trip.. I'd better stop typing before I rebuild the whole damn thing!