Monday, November 5, 2007

The Speedster - The Chassis Prep Continues

The painting continues... Since the last post everything was flipped and the backsides sprayed with POR15. The full pint is gone now. Unfortunately the temperature has dropped significantly and the forecast is for nothing more than 5 degrees for the next few days. I've bitten the bullet and decided to let the heat and 500W spot lamps run around the clock until the paint coats have cured. The images below show a skim coat of filler which was used on the fuel tank and floor pans. This was followed by a sanding and spot putty regimen. I also used a seam sealer in (you guessed it) the seams. Then I sprayed the POR15 brand BLACKCOTE product, at only 30 PSI, per the instructions. I managed to cover one side of all the parts and both sides of the floor pan with one coat, using half a quart of paint. My goal is to get at least one coat on all the parts and two on the floor pan which seems to be a reasonable goal at this time. If I have any left after tomorrow's spraying I may go back over the fuel tank, brake drums, and brake backing plates with whatever is left the day after....
Filler hiding my ground-down welds.
Masking for the seam sealer.
A poorly lit shot of the bottom of the gas tank and front beam, showing the gloss.
Another low-light shot of the parts with one coat.
The bottom of the pan showing its newfound gloss.