Sunday, February 3, 2008

"Alice" - The Nosejob, Part 2

My work on Alice is now done. It's Sunday at about 10:30. Bryon and Stacey just left after surveying the situation. I'll let the pictures do the talking, along with a couple captions: Here's a shot of the old metal superimposed over the new replacement piece I fabricated and tacked in place.
I made the patch out of two pieces of steel, the "L" shaped piece was cut to size on the band saw then clamped to the original piece to get the right shape. The lower part was cut to size then a quarter inch lip was bent using the vice. I married the parts together whilst clamped to the original piece, then I welded the seam and ground the excess lip.
Here's the passenger side.
This part was fashioned the same way.
The BusDepot kit required a small amount of trimming but tacked into place very nicely.
Here everything is tacked in place.
Now things are fully welded.

I welded the tire bracket holes solid, then later ground them down.
Here's things after a rough grinding with the angle grinder and a finish grinding with the air die grinder and a sanding pad.

This patch was needed where the gas heater return duct was removed.
Tomorrow Bryon and I will take the bus to his heated shop at work, where he and his brother will do the filling and painting. I think I'll pop down to adjust the valves and check on some final wiring issues.