Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm Blue, Da-ba-de-da-ba-di....

The day finally arrived last week to blow on the paint. After the final sanding of the primer with 320 grit paper I cleaned the vehicle with a grease and wax remover, then used a tack cloth to remove any lint or remaining dust (more on that later). The Nason Ful-Cryl was mixed 8 - 2 -1 (paint - reducer - activator). I applied the first coat too thickly and wound up with a few runs, but it covered well and looked pretty good right away. I did notice that I hadn't got all the lint, however. I decided to let it dry overnight then attack it in the morning by wet-sanding and re-spraying.

Here's a video of the first coat going on:

Here are some pics of the wetsanding the next morning:

These pictures were taken once the second and final coat was applied. This time I didn't get any runs but did get a little orange peel here and there. It should buff out down the line, but for now I am very happy with it!!