Friday, April 11, 2008

Catching Up on Speedster Progress

I've been a little behind on updating the blog... These pictures were taken nearly a month ago, on March 15. That's when I decided to mate the body to the pan.

As you can see, before I did the mating, I connected the newly-chromed roll-bar, and prepared all the bolt-on brackets where necessary.

Since these pictures were taken, I've installed the steering column, bolted the body to the frame, installed the fuel system, and begun the task of wiring the car. As of this week, the car can be started with the key, and the generator is connected through a firewall-mounted regulator, and is charging.

I also connected the master cylinder, adjusted the drums, and bled the brakes.

The car truly runs like a dream. The new muffler makes a really deep growl at idle. I can't wait to open it up and see how it sounds!!!

The next task is to finish the wiring, which I am modifying considerably from the harness that came with the kit. I've been taking some liberties and improving things. So far I've eliminated about one metre of wiring from the entire harness, and lots more to simplify!!