Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Speedster Carpet Fabrication / Installation

The Speedster kit came with a pre-cut and bound carpet kit... Unfortunately the red colour wasn't going to work with our scheme. The style of the carpet was also incorrect, being a cut pile rather than a loop carpet. After some convincing from Vanessa I agreed to make a new carpet set. Here are the results.

The pictures above show the original kit and the basic installation instructions from CMC.Back in the winter I traced the parts from the kit onto our new carpet. Recently I cut out the shapes, then sewed a carpet binding from Fabricland on all the visible edges. Unfortunately when I tried to install it, some pieces were way off. I wound up completely modifying some of the pieces and adding a lot more binding than the original kit...
I also spent time sewing boots for the e-brake and shifter from vinyl, also from Fabricland. I came up with my own pattern, then sewed in velcro to attach them to the carpet.
In time the fibreglass components will be painted, likely with a textured rubberized coating. These images show the binding and the stainless hardware I used to install the carpet. I also used PL Premium to hold the vertical parts.
Just as I was finishing the interior I ran into problems with the pedal assembly, requiring a whole new accelerator pedal, lever, and modern style cable. Funny enough, some of the simple carpet patterns did not fit well, but the floor piece with the complicated cutouts for the pedals fit on the first try!

Once the carpet was done I started working on the seats and their installation... More to come!