Thursday, September 4, 2008

Adrian's Bus - It's Alive! Post 2

I had an opportunity to work on Adrian's bus tonight for a little while. I drained the remaining disgusting varnish-like gas from the tank and cleaned the outlet. I removed the remainder of the fuel lines, with the intent to replace everything this weekend.

I got the urge to get it running about then.. I put a temporary gas can in the engine bay and put in one of my batteries. After fixing some electrical glitches I got it to turn over, but there was very little in the spark department. I played with the points a little and checked the coil, but got limited results. Then I remembered I'm tuning it up anyway, so I replaced the points, cap, rotor, coil, and condensor. The wires and plugs can wait 'till later.

Once that was replaced, with a little persuasion she fired right up!! Check out the video:

I won't get back at it until Sunday, but I have big plans: new battery, new fuel lines & filter(s), new plugs, new wires, and remove and replace exhaust...

I noticed the vacuum advance is not connected, nor is there any easy ported vacuum source. I will need to rectify this to eliminate most of the dreaded flat spot. I also noticed there are a lot of wiring gremlins. I will have to tackle this with an open mind and some good daylight.

Once I've worked most things out I'll try a covert test run and see what adjustments or rebuilding will need to be done to the carb.

For now, I'm happy and excited, and you should be too!