Monday, September 15, 2008

Adrian's Bus - Post 3

As I am currently waiting for parts, there has been little rush to complete some of the first tasks. I've been able to take my time on them. I've almost completed the first block of work. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a few minutes to change out the plugs and wires and install the engine seal, then all that will be left is the oil change and final tuning of the carb prior to the next block of work. There are some captions below each picture... I annealed the copper rings per by heating them cherry-red with a propane torch and allowing them to cool. This softens the copper and allows a proper seal between the heater box and head.
The electric fan and heat risers from heater boxes to the fan were missing. After an email discussion with Adrian we decided to eliminate this, as all it does is provide heat at idle, and not much!! I welded sheet metal caps in place on the heater boxes to ensure a long-lasting seal. However, if circumstances change, a quick grinding can return them to like-new condition.
Here's the other side.
As you can see I have the heater boxes and muffler installed now. It sounds great!!
There is still one stud missing on this heater box. I need to source a 9mm x 8mm step stud from German Supply when I pick up the next parts.

I also replaced all the fuel lines and installed a filter in the system.
I sourced and installed a Canadian Tire battery so Adrian can use the warranty (if needed) anywhere across Canada.
Here's a shot of the fancy new coil and distributor cap.

Hopefully I'll get more parts this week and get back at it on the weekend... I should have most of the weekend to work so I can get the braking system up to snuff.