Friday, September 19, 2008

Adrian's Bus - Post 4

The work continues... See the captions below:
Passenger side caliper on the right in good shape. Drivers side on the left, pads melted off and in very rough shape. Dropped these off at German Supply today. Rebuilt units will be ready next week.
A normal looking old rotor, from the passenger side.
The drivers side looks worn, but what's that line in the middle of the friction surface?
The outer ring was jammed in the caliper. The inner was free to rotate. This is absolutely unbelieveable.
The fire melted the ball joint boot slightly here. These are due for replacement at some point - perhaps the certifying mechanic can look into this.
Looks like the rear brake hard line will need to be replaced too. It was damp and easily broke.
This will soon be replaced (shoes and cylinder).
The healthy looking passenger side front hub.

The unhealthy looking drivers side. It did not turn smoothly, and the grease on the outside was blackened and dry.
The seal was melted away.
Once I started cleaning, the passenger hub was normal - the grease from it is on the right here. The burnt grease from the drivers hub is on the left. I wish the camera could capture the smell of this grease! I scrubbed and scrubbed my hands and I can still smell them just typing this!
Here are the cleaned hubs, with races removed. Next up? Buy some grease and get these babies installed again.