Thursday, October 23, 2008

The '78 Parts Bus

Niamh and Grant, new bus friends of ours, made a deal with me recently where I wound up with their '78 parts bus. It has a perfect BA6 gas heater that I am going to test, pull, and sell for them. today we all met for dinner after a trip to Uxbridge to pick up the bus, where I hooked it to my Pontiac. It was quite a sight - a G6 pulling a bus, with me, Jon, Grant, and Bryon all in the car... Actually there were no issues.

After a nice dinner we got it home and Jon and Brenda helped me push it into the driveway.

Not sure what my plans are for it yet.. Worst case I'll strip the engine and tranny for spares, and sort out the rest of the parts before scrapping. Another idea is to pull the parts, then convert it into a matching trailer for our bus... Mind you, other than the bottom 6 inches, the bus sure is solid and straight, so maybe a resto is called for, with a custom modern interior, like I've always wanted to do? Or a running rat-rod? Who konws!!

Oh well, there's no rush. I would like to get the heater working and pulled soon, so Niamh and Grant can get their $$$. I'd also like to get it running if at all possible so I can move it around, but we'll see...