Monday, January 3, 2011

1956 Oval July 2010 Metal Work

Between projects in July 2010 I had an opportunity to work on the '56. It's not pictured here, but I carefully measured and removed what was left of the old front clip, then tacked the new one in place. I also carefully sectioned the rotten part of the front firewall off, then modified the aftermarket replacement and tacked it in place. The part of the replacement I used shares the dimensions and details of the original. If I had used the entire piece, it wouldn't look correct to the year (this area is under carpet, but still my intent is to be as accurate as possible). I also began the process of replacing the passenger side heater channel. I adjusted the turnbuckles to square up the car and bring it to original dimension, then fabricated the necessary replacement metal to ensure all the mounting areas are solid. This was the stage where I had to leave the car again, to work on other more pressing jobs in the garage.
I did eventually hang the doors and was amazed how the dimensions I had adjusted the car to made a beautiful door fit...
More next time.