Monday, January 3, 2011

The Westralia

This was one of those projects that probably started as a late night classified ads find and a silly idea. The find was a compact pop-up camping trailer. The thought was, wow, a pop-up trailer that we could easily tow with the bus, why wouldn't we need one. It would be like having a spare room with us wherever we go. I took a couple hour drive east and picked it up, for $500 or so. Everythign was there, but maybe I should have driven home without it. The top was rotten. The fabric was wet and stinky. It was cute. And small, and it wound up in our driveway.

The ideas came next... Since the top is rotten, could we make one that looked like the top of the bus? It's already vinyl covered, could Bryon wrap it? Could he wrap it in Westy Plaid???

The top started as some plywood, a nail gun, and adhesive. It eventually got a layer or two of polyester resin and fibreglass cloth, then paint.

All the fabric was removed, cleaned, and restitched.

The result is as you see it. It peformed well for the summer of '10. It got us in HotVW's when we took it to the Michigan show (see above). That was October, '10 HotVW's, page 34. It also got my parents into camping, they now have a '85 Westy Vanagon. Other friends got to use it too. We see it as a potential back-up if the bus is ever down for maintenance.
If anyone is interested in purchasing it, it is not officially for sale, but for the right offer it could be yours!!! Email me!