Thursday, January 6, 2011

Boler #2

After the unexpected success of Boler #1, one of the prospective buyers was very dissapointed they didn't get it. We came to an agreement if I were to find another project trailer, that I should call. Well, one of my friends was working in Sarnia and came across the Boler you see above. A deal was struck and I made the trip to pick it up.
I finished this Boler to the customer's requirements and ultimately got it out the door just before Christmas, 2009.
As you can see it was much more complete than the first one, but still needed its share of work.
This time I got wise and had another good friend do the sewing work. Her work is amazing and it made my life much easier.
Though not as lucrative as Boler #1 (which was done on a shoestring budget), I felt in the end I covered my time and materials for this unit and was happy with the transaction.