Monday, January 3, 2011

The Speedster - Last Post

Since the original posts and build of this car, we've got our share of enjoyment from it. I've done a number of upgrades since the original build - Mechanically I installed Solex PDSIT 32 dual carbs, with larger venturis and jets, Pertronix SVDA Distributor, and a solid state voltage regulator. Cosmetically I finally covered the dash with vinyl and installed the Speedster emblems and stainless trim from VintageSpeedsters.

This past fall after much discussion, we decided to part with the car. After being listed for only a week I received an offer I couldn't refuse. The buyer asked that I include a safety certificate with the car and it passed with flying colours.

To sum up the project, it was a great experience. Never before have I owned or been around a car that got more attention. The entire process was a great learning experience, and the results spoke for themselves... After the initial show we continued to rake in awards and mentions for the car.

Would I do it again? A custom car build, sure, but I can't stress enough that a kit car is a kit car. I think I learned that as fun and beautiful as they can be, I am more of a production vehicle guy. It had its idiosyncracies that are easy to discount (sure, it leaks, but we'll just use it on dry days, or sure, it only has two seats but we'll figure it out, etc.). But in the grands scheme these nuances actually become the focus of the vehicle. You wind up waiting for the perfect circumstances to use the car, and when you're using it you are constantly concerned the weather will turn. We agree that we get one heck of a lot more bang for the buck with our '72 Super Beetle than we did the Speedster.